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Theater Empowers

About Project

Theater Empowers is a project which is prepared by the Cultheater in cooperation with the Interkulturell-Aktiv e.V. foundation. The project is executed in Berlin by the support of the Germany-Turkey Youth Bridge Foundation.

Cultheater’s project THEATRE EMPOWERS is a workshop that brings young people from Germany and Turkey to develop alternative methods on the dramaturgical approaches on theater plays. During the workshop, young artists are encouraged to share their experiences, artistic methods and sociological analysis on the plays. The Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theater which deeply affected the theater streams of Germany and Turkey and Brechtian terms like gestus, alienation, active audience, episodic story structure is the main theme of the workshop. The workshop is a space where young artists of Germany and Turkey participate in the presentation of the academicians, writers, and directors from Turkey.

Young artists not only participate in the theoretical discussions but also find the opportunity to watcht Schaubühne Theater’s two significant plays: Lenin and The Good Person of Szechwan. During the workshop, young artists prepare an info-kit titled “A Dramaturgical Approaches on Play” under the supervision of the workshop facilitators.